The temptations of the morning
Craft croissant
Stuck at the moment

Our handcrafted croissant is made with stone-baked flour and stuffed at the moment.
Among the temptations of the morning, you can also choose classic brioche, krapfen, grilled croissants, full flour croissants, pastries, almond bacon, cake pies and croutons.

Creamy semifreddo

Exotic and original combinations

Fresh during the summer, awesome also during the winter. Beautiful to see, and better to taste.

Cupoletta semifreddo al cioccolato

Tradition and innovation

Valerian Guanaja half-chocolate dumpling 70% with orange infusion.

The mignon confectionery

Babà, bignè, alpini, veneziane

the mignon bakery was a passion for Rodolfo, the Gran Bar Pugliese’s founder. When, in the early 70’s, the traditional production, the so-called one-portion, was, slowly, made outdated by the mignon bakery, production became more laborious but, also, more professional.

Everyone has
his menu
Morning temptations, café, the special ones, the Green’s line. whatever you need to begin your day with the right energy.
Alcholic and alchol free cocktails, the artisan beer made by Baladin, the mountain-apple juice by Kohl, soft drinks, beverage and hard liquors.
Do you feel some languor? Salted Temptations, delicatessen, cold plates, gourmet salad and various kind of dessert will be a good choice.
In the astonishing Piazza Vittorio Emanuele ii
Very few steps from a sea we love
assapora la magia del natale
il panettone
tradizione, passione e ricerca

Il panettone, la tradizione del Natale.
La ricerca delle materie prime, la farina, il burro di latteria, i canditi, l’uvetta, le uova, le bacche di vaniglia.
Poi il cioccolato Valrhona, la frutta, le mandorle Bari. E ancora le delicatissime sperimentazioni
con l’Olio extra vergine di oliva di Giovinazzo, il grano arso, le albicocche candite, il vino primitivo.

Siamo appassionati del lavoro che ci vuole per fare un ottimo panettone
Lunch and Dinner
casa pugliese
Our restaurant

Casa Pugliese is passion for taste. A taste that tells us about local product and recipes, with the care and the respect that history and nature deserve. Sometimes you need something fast, a few chatters with a light lunch. A short story, that begins and ends in an hour.
Sometimes, instead…