Casa Pugliese

Casa Pugliese is passion for flavor, that speaks about produce and recipes of our territory, ​with ​care ​and ​respect ​of ​history ​and ​nature.

Sometimes ​you ​need ​something ​quick, ​a ​quick ​chat ​in ​front ​of ​a ​light ​dish.
A short story that begins and ends within an hour. Some other times you may want to get caught in a pleasing journey of timelessand spaceless flavours. It’sa moment of joy, ​of ​sharing, ​a ​moment ​of ​familiarity.

12 euros for our lunch. At dinner, 21 for our taste itinerary.​A backwards twelve, but, more ​importantly, ​a ​reminder ​for ​our ​12 ​o’clock ​lunch ​or ​our ​21 ​o’clock ​dinner.